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December to January

Recruiting candidates in the 7th grade (some 8th graders)

  • Providing information needed for review ( see Recruitment Information)
  • Deadline to submit information – after 2nd marking period or progress report (usually at the end of February/early March)
  • Invitation to the Wadleigh Scholars March/Spring Meeting
  • Distribution of questionnaires to parents and students

February to March

  • Begin A Better Chance application
  • Review application with prospective students
  • Interview date in March for prospective students
  • Evaluation test in March for prospective students

April to May

  • Make decisions on prospective students
  • Conduct accelerated enrichment session in preparation for test in May
  • Review application with prospective students
  • A Better Chance application due on May 1st
  • Additional interview date in May, if needed
  • Additional testing in May, if needed


  • A Better Chance decisions are made by mid-month
  • Final grades are received from parents on accepted students

July to August

  • Writing workshop conducted for conditionally accepted students
  • Writing assignments given to conditionally accepted students

The main component of the Wadleigh Scholars Program is from September to December

September to December

  • Decisions made on identifying prep school for each student (4-5 schools per student)
  • Enrichment sessions begin for 13 weeks from September through December. Math, English, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension and test taking skills are reviewed each week
  • Practice SSATs are given each month for evaluation purposes
  • Prep school applications are reviewed and edited weekly for submission to schools
  • Open houses are available and encouraged to attend (when located in NYC Metro area)
  • Interviews are available at Wadleigh (when scheduled by certain prep schools)
  • ABC referral schools discussed – November
  • Parents Financial Statements are discussed
  • PFS forms are completed and submitted (usually online)
  • Final SSAT given in December (usually 2nd Saturday in December)

January to June – current Program year for scholars

  • Review and distribution of SSAT scores – January
  • Black history assignment distributed – student will have three weeks to write an essay on their selection and deliver an oral presentation – January
  • Group presentation distributed – student are grouped to conduct research on a selected topic and provide a presentation to discuss/argue their case – February
  • Decisions are made by prep schools on students – discussion on acceptances and rejections and what are the responsibilities of the students and parents – March
  • Review financial aid packages/information received from schools on those accepted students – March
  • Conduct etiquette class and discuss values and evaluation of Program – April