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January to March

  • Recruiting candidates in the 7th grade (some 8th graders)
  • Providing information needed for review ( see what is needed?)
  • Deadline to submit information – after 2nd marking period or progress report (usually at the end of February/early March)
  • Invitation to the Wadleigh Scholars March/Spring Meeting – 3rd Saturday in March

April to June

  • Distribution of questionnaires to parents and students (after grades are reviewed and approved)
  • Reviewing of questionnaires
  • Interview date in May for prospective students
  • Writing assignment due before June evaluation test
  • Mandatory evaluation testing in June
  • Updated grades received for review

Decisions are made at the end of June on prospective students. Ten to fifteen students selected on a conditional basis for the upcoming school year

July to August

  • Writing workshop conducted for three weeks for prospective students
  • Writing assignments given to prospective students
  • A Better Chance applications copies distributed to students and parents for completion at the end of August

The main component of the Wadleigh Scholars Program is from September to December

September to December

  • Decisions made on identifying prep school for each student (4-5 schools per student)
  • Enrichment sessions begin for 13 weeks from September through December. Math, English, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension and test taking skills are reviewed each week
  • Practice SSATs are given each month for evaluation purposes
  • ABC applications are reviewed and completed
    • Student and Parent sections are due October 1st
    • Recommendations ad writing sample are due November 1st
  • Follow up on recommendations by teachers
  • Prep school applications are reviewed and edited weekly for submission to schools
  • Open houses are available and encouraged to attend (when located in NYC Metro area)
  • Interviews are available at Wadleigh (when scheduled by certain prep schools)
  • Parents Financial Statements are distributed and discussed
  • PFS forms are completed and submitted (usually online)
  • Follow up on completed ABC application
  • Final SSAT given in December (usually 2nd Saturday in December)

January to June – current Program year for scholars

  • Review and distribution of SSAT scores – January
  • ABC referral schools discussed – January
  • Black history assignment distributed – student will have three weeks to write an essay on their selection and deliver an oral presentation – January
  • Group presentation distributed – student are grouped to conduct research on a selected topic and provide a presentation to discuss/argue their case – February
  • Decisions are made by prep schools on students – discussion on acceptances and rejections and what are the responsibilities of the students and parents – March
  • Review financial aid packages/information received from schools on those accepted students – March
  • Conduct etiquette class and discuss values and evaluation of Program – April